We Do Temp Work … different

Want to know how we’re different? Read below.


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1). Better than Craigslist

Better than indeed, or monster, or zip recruiter. These job boards are great if you’re the kind of person who feels like it’s necessary to have thousands of job postings rather than one great job.

How can you know who the good companies are? The scammers and jerks…?

As your personal agent, we know that the value we bring to you is that we put better opportunities in front of you than you could typically find on your own.

2). Some Temp Jobs are Better Than Others

Similar to how we would rather not work with crappy people—we also refuse to work with crappy companies.

If you don’t like the work you’re doing, we are happy to look for something else for you (as long as you continue to make us look good 🙂

3). Temp Agency vs. Employment Agency

Saying that all agencies are the same would be like saying a McDonalds is like a Steakhouse. Each delivers a unique experience. Know your agency before you apply.

4). More long-term potential

As an Employment agency, we encourage folks to take advantage of a good temp situation by making their job permanent if it suits their circumstances.