Why won’t Sqrft interview me in person?

Our policy is to try to talk to everybody at least once. The purpose of that conversation is to give you a chance to clarify for us first, what job you are targeting. And second, the experience you have as it relates to that job.

We use that information to properly tag your resume and then continually see if it matches any jobs that we are working to fill. If we don’t see a match, then we keep our Promise to Job Seekers and try not to waste your time.

Frankly, there is just not enough time in the day to interview everybody, so admittedly it’s not just about you 🙂

There are so many things that I am capable of, why do I have to target a job?

It’s because of our Promise to our Client Companies. Our promise to our companies is not to recommend the person who most needs a job, but rather the person who is most qualified for it.

The folks that most often have difficulty articulating what they want to target in a job are those that either have so little experience that they will do anything and those that have so much experience that they can do everything. Neither one of those works very well with our business model of not throwing crap against the wall. At both the top and bottom of the experience spectrum, there is still a person’s greatest value to the organization.

Pick one two or even three things that you enjoy or are good at, and tell me what value/experience you bring as it relates to it. If you cannot or will not specify, then it becomes very difficult for us to work together.

Is this a dead end?

If you feel like our conversations have gotten to a dead end, but still believe we are not appreciating what you have to offer, there are some things that you could do that might further the conversation.

  1. Take a DISC assessment. There are certain personalities that always seem to be in more demand than others. If you happen to be one of them, it may prove to be useful.
  2. Pay for a consultation. A meeting with a Consultant might just give you the insight that you need.