Why Working With SqrFt Can Work For You

Because of our roots

In 1989 John Krytus opened a company called Apollo Construction Co.  They established themselves as a residential remodeling company.  In a move to grow the company, Mr. Krytus began bidding larger commercial jobs.  As it often goes, when he won those jobs he often struggled with a shortage of talent to get them done.  He turned to temp agencies and quickly found that the sour reputation that the industry has for not listening to people was actually true.

In 1998 Mr. Krytus took what he knew about once being a Carpenter looking for work, and what he knew about being a growing company in search of the right employee, and opened SqrFt (then Construction Personnel Group, Inc).  His objective was then, and today is still to be everything to the industry that other agencies are not.  It is for that reason that we have Our Promise.

We screen companies that we choose to work with as much or more than we do job seekers.

As a skilled tradesman, there are likely 100 different jobs that you could do. The Small Business Administration says that 95% of construction company startups will fail in the first year.  Of the ones that survive, 95% will again fail in the next five years. Working for one of those companies that are destined to fail might not be good for your career.

A good mechanic does not necessarily make a good manager.  There is a good percentage of companies who survive simply because they are ruthless.  They have a reputation for abusing their subcontractors, their vendors, and their employees.  We avoid these types of clients at all costs.

Sophisticated computer algorithms impact conversion rates

45,000 Companies in Mirror
1,300 of them with Terms
150-300 of them likely hiring (depending on the time of the year)
20-30 that we feel are worthy of pursuing
1-2 that is right for you
80% (or more) of our client Job Seekers who take a job with us will keep that job permanently.

Insight into the marketplace

We make it our business to be in the center of whatever is happening in the construction, service, and specialty manufacturing marketplace in Western New York. We have the benefit of seeing the trends and the players.  Where the supply is and where the demand is.  We can help you make decisions now that will affect your career for many years.

Other Services

Resume advice, interview advice, and job coaching.

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