There are a number of reasons companies work with Sqrft Tradesmen, and the list is as varied as the companies who use us.

No other agency in Buffalo has the industry-specific intellectual capital that Sqrft has. What other agency can boast being owned and operated by a tradesman who’s been on both sides of being hired (and fired)? Of having lived it—felt the success of projects well done from start to finish, and the struggles of those ill staffed? What it’s actually like to have hundreds of thousands of dollars riding on whether or not one man does his job right?

Sqrft is local.

No one knows Buffalo and Western New York like we do. Almost daily we’ll hear it said in our office, “Buffalo is a small town! Everybody knows everybody!” It’s true. And we make this work to our advantage each day.

Critical Mass

We think we have the ability to put better people into your positions than you may be able to. We have a critical mass of job seekers that you won’t find anywhere else. Every single day of the year we are taking in resumes. They come from our website, facebook, reddit, twitter, mass emailings, craigslist, indeed, monster, referrals from our partner websites—so many places. And then we have referrals. We’ve been doing this for so long and touched so many people, that 60% or 70% of our resumes come from somebody having recommended us.

Because our job seekers have choices and they’ve chosen you

If you consider our process—we have our candidates jump through numerous hoops to get to you. If they’ve made it that far, then there is a really good chance that they are the right person for the job.

Most of our candidates undergo at least three interviews. The first two focus on where they have been and what their actual experience is. The third is all about what they want to do and whether or not they are best for it. Usually, we lay out more than one option and see which one excites them. We know that if a person is fulfilled in the job they are doing, then they have a much better chance of paying out on your investment in them.

It’s clean and simple.

All of those seemingly random costs are packaged up in one neat bundle. The costs? Well besides the actual wage there is the Workman’s Compensation Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Reemployment Insurance, Disability Insurance, Social Security, Medicare, etc. There is the hassle of withholding Federal and State taxes, child support, and any other random levies.  We are required to make regular payments to each of the corresponding agencies for each of those things. Even if you use a payroll service to actually write the checks, each of these items still needs to be accounted for in your bookkeeping!

If you’re working with us, there is one hourly bill.  Period.  Everything is in there.  Much like paying a subcontractor, whatever is left after you pay Sqrft and your materials is yours to keep ?

Additional resources

The more our two companies work together the easier it is for us to respond when you have fluctuations in your workload. We give you immediate access to additional labor resources if you need to staff up or make changes.

It’s easier to say goodbye

We put your new hire relationships at an arm’s length until you’re sure you want to cultivate them. Alternatively, if you want to lock somebody up before the contract term, you simply make a phone call or send an email saying that you want to convert the agreement to a buy-out and that employee is wearing your colors the next day.

Ready to get started?

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