Contract-To-Hire (aka Temps)

is when you (the Company) takes the referred employee under your control while we maintain their payroll. By default, all Temporary referrals are considered Contract-to-hire and are eligible to be converted over to the Clients’ own payroll after a term of 640 hours.

The Company is billed weekly for a quoted hourly rate.

The rate that you pay includes = Gross hourly wage + Burden + Agency Fee

  1. Gross wage: How much money an employee receives as a wage is negotiated for each person. The negotiation is between you and the applicant (or, we may do it on their behalf) in advance of them working.
  1. Burden: We maintain all required payroll withholdings and insurances as required by law. Those withholdings include Workers Compensation Insurance, Disability Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Social Security, Medicare, State and Federal taxes, child support, and any other liens.
  2. Agency Fee: Our fee is billed equally over the term. Please ask for a specific quote before engaging us in a search.

For an example of Contract to hire: A $18 carpenter carries something close to a 50% burden. The burden is something that everybody pays no matter if you’re using my service or doing payroll yourself. In this example, the burden would be around $9.00. Then we add a few dollars for ourselves. Very roughly speaking a $18 carpenter might cost $33. It could vary depending on your safety rating and that year’s current Workman’s Compensation Rate.

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