I will do business with you under one condition

Is what we want to say so often but rarely do.  We’ll generally work our butts off for you no matter what. However, the truth of the matter is that if you want the process to really work–and I mean really work, then it helps to come to an understanding. You should at the very least, agree to meet with the candidate that I recommend regardless of his resume.

Here is why:  Even though you may not want to let me in on your inside super-secret as to what you are really looking for, I already know what it is.   You told me that your person needs to have so many years of experience; a certain amount of education; and certain keywords on his resume.  What you really meant to say was that you are looking for someone with integrity.  Someone with character.  A person of high moral fiber.  The person you will actually end up hiring is not the person with the most experience.  No. It’s the person who is worth investing in.  The person who you believe will give back to the company more than you put into him.

In most cases, you’re looking for people who can think, and are sharp enough to learn quickly. You don’t want drama.  You want someone who will complement the team, not someone who disrupts it.  You want someone who has the ability to be a leader and a mentor to the next new guy as your company grows.

In the end (except for a few cases), we both know that you would absolutely hire someone who does not have all of your hard technical requirements if they were strong in these other soft elements.

These people are not so easy to find.  And sometimes it takes us a little longer than the hordes of other agencies throwing resumes on your desk.  But I assure you, it is who we will find.  And I will put him on your desk, and you must agree to interview him (or try him out in a working interview, or whatever).  And then you will undoubtedly love him.  And then you will hire him.  And then you will make money off of him.  And then we will all be happy. 🙂


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