Why do we ask for paperwork in advance?

Maybe for a similar reason that we ask for certain things from a job seeker before we invest a bunch of time into them? If a man won’t give us his resume, or a project list, or whatever else we might request, we might conclude that he is really not all that serious about the process. Why waste a bunch of time on him?

Companies are not all that dissimilar.

Daily we get calls from company owners or managers looking for talent. “Well, if you come across something send it my way” is the common directive.

I wish it were as simple as that. Contrary to what some folks believe, we put many, many billable man-hours into each of the talented folks that we find.

Honestly, we just don’t have enough hours in the day to kick tires with you unless we know that if we bring you the just-right person, you’ll take a look at him.

Our contract does not obligate you to buy. It mostly serves to make it clear that if we bring you someone that we can talk freely without you hiring that person out from under us without paying our fee.

Asking you to sign our agreement shows us that at the very least you are at the table with us. Without it, we might be working our butt off for you and you may have zero interest in what we have to offer.

So please, sign the damn agreement so we can get to work 😉

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