Demolition, Helper, Labor, Knocking Things Down!

Sure knocking things down is not rocket science, but it does require a strong back, and a strong will.  It’s not easy work.  You have to figure out how to get it done without killing yourself (or anyone else).  And how to do it quickly and efficiently.  Our clients tend to work long days, and lots of them.  A paycheck of $700 or $800 a week is not unusual.

Working demolition gives a person at least two clear options:  One is a career in demolition.  The other is using it as a stepping stone to almost any other skilled trade in the industry.  The logic being that if you can hack it on a demo site you can probably handle the hardships of framing a roof or installing HVAC ductwork.

Some of our greatest success stories had their beginnings in demolition.  We’ve had women who were new to construction who went on to be managers and foreman.  And certainly there are many who go on to make a much larger paycheck by getting their asbestos certification and doing asbestos abatement.

What we are offering are generally not temporary positions.  Do a good job, and make it into a career, or alternatively get a good recommendation and use it as leverage to enter the skilled trades.

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Post last updated on May 2, 2014